Witness Protection Services and facilities

Government and the local Police service can only do so much to ensure ones physical safety, but with limited budgets and staff shortages and low morale amongst our security services it is not enough to rely on our overburdened Government to do this. This is where VIP Protect's team of bodyguards and security specialists steps in.

We are here to ensure your safety.

Our highly proficient VIP Protection specialists are available to ensure that you and your family are protected; We will assist in any Witness Protection programme independantly (in conjuction with the Authorities) of the local law enforcement while you are testifying.

In effect our witness protection program will help you effectively disappear until the time that you need to testify. While escorting your witness around we make use of armoured vehicles to further enhance your security.




Securing Court Apperances

For those of you who need to testify or appear in high profile cases or in cases without whose testimony the case cannot go through, our dedicated team of protection specialists are available to secure your court appearance.

We will offer a barrier between hostile elements at court and shield you from the media if necessary while taking every precaution to maintain your physical safety and well being