Close Protection Training

Due to the high demand for skilled bodyguards and VIP Protection we at VIP Protect are prepared to share our skills and expertise with those that are willing to learn and would like an entry into the VIP Protection market.

Our training courses are SASSETA accredited and you will see that our rates are tailored more to the man in the street.
Once you have completed the course you will have an indepth knowledge and skills set to be able to operate in any VIP Protection team.

Accredited Basic Close Protection Course
This course is available to all wanting to get involved in VIP Protection in South Africa.
Terms and conditions apply.
Basic course runs over 3 weeks.

Security Officer Boot Camps
One thing that is becoming more and more evident in todays security environment is the amount of security guards being churned out into our workplace. Most of them have only attended a few days theoretical training courses. Which at best is totally inadequate to prepare these security guards for the harsh reality of the challenges in the security field.

Taking all these inadequacies and inefficiencies into account we are now able to offer security companies a training boot camp where we start the security guard on a fitness regime. We teach him unarmed combat techniques. In effect we take the unskilled guard and turn him into a professional security operative with all the necessary skills to perform at his best.

On our advanced courses we offer advanced weapons combat techniques including knife fighting, Combat shooting (C-Grade Officers in possession of a competency certificate) Tonfa and baton techniques.



Street Survival Workshops

1. Threat Recognition

An introduction to understanding close quarter threats. This course covers early threat recognition and links it to the appropriate action. Early threat recognition skills are essential in effectively managing or avoiding life threatening situations. In this course we examine firearm, edged and blunt weapon threat at close quarters.

Workshop objective:
The objective of this workshop is to empower the team and/or individual to be able to identify threats early so as shorten the time necessary for effective decision making and the initiation of the appropriate response/s (escalation/ de-escalation) in close quarter confrontations.

2. Intro to Blade

An introduction to the blade from two perspectives, this workshop explores not only the utilization of a sharp edged weapon in a life or death situation but also explores how edged weapon attacks occur.

Workshop objective:
To understand edged weapon threats, including both forward and reverse grip attacks and most common target area.

3. Weapon Access

Once recognition skills are in place, one needs to consider the selection and access of the appropriate weapon to match the threat situation. This workshop is often presented in conjunction with the threat recognition module.

Workshop objective:
To significantly reduce "dither time" when selecting and accessing weapons in high pressure situations.

4. Basic Tactical Baton (Stick)

The participant learns to effectively make use of the tactical baton as a tool in the force continuum. This weapon is a great alternative to firearms or edged weapons.

Workshop objective:
By the end of this course each participant will understand the additional options that the tactical baton affords them in conflict situations.

5. Advanced Tactical Baton

This workshop builds upon the learnings of the Basic Tactical Baton workshop and also deals with the utilization of the Tactical Baton together with other weapons.

6. Fighting for your Gun - Basic

Along with well trained firearm abilities at close quarters, one needs to add sensible weapons retention skills. A surprising number of people are killed for and/or shot with their own sidearm.
We have a saying, "lose your weapon you lose your life".

Workshop objective:
To understand various firearm disarming methods (holstered and un-holstered) and then develop the reactions, concepts and skills to improve your ability to retain your firearm.

7. Fighting for your Gun - Advanced

Taking firearm disarms and retention a step further by including the utilization of other weapons (e.g. blade) to assist with firearm retention.

8. Blade and Firearm at close quarters

This is truly the cutting edge of firearm and blade for close quarter confrontations. Having sound basic firearm and or blade skills is helpful in taking full advantage of this training. This workshop is often presented in conjunction with the fighting for your gun workshop.

Workshop objective:
To effectively develop skills to gain maximum advantage by utilizing both your blade and firearm in close quarter confrontations.

9. Choosing a Weapon

This workshop focuses on understanding the force continuum as well as the pros and cons of various weapons.

Workshop objective:
To understand when and how to use distance control, voice, gas, striking weapons (e.g. baton, stick), edged weapons, etc in various conflict situations.

10. Arrest Procedures and Tactics

Having to physically restrain a person places you within striking range of the perpetrator (often more than one). We learn how to control and subdue the individual/s as safely as possible while on your own or with your team.

Workshop objective:
To lean how to effectively control and secure perpetrator/s, while minimizing their options to counter or injure you or any of your team members.

11. Anti Grappling

This workshop extrapolates how to deal with an attacker who's main aim is to get you onto the ground. Methods of staying on your feet/getting back on your feet and how to your access/use your weapon is also covered.

Workshop objective:
To get to grips with basic groundwork skills so as to effectively prevent yourself ending up on the ground. To enable you get to your feet quickly from a vulnerable position on the ground and to understand the use of weapons in grappling situations.

12. Dealing with Multiple Attackers

Although the concept of dealing with multiple opponents is emphasized throughout all our training modules, this module focuses on developing and honing these skills.

Workshop objective:
To learn to deal with more than one attacker in various defence scenarios.