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We think about our customers as VIPs, and our services are designed to exceed the highest standards in the industry.  



For those special events and occasions,a chauffeur will take the responsibility to collect you and your date. (After all, there is nothing like arriving at your destination totally refreshed and in style) What better way to set the mood for an impressive evening.

Now you dont have to worry about being stuck in the traffic, the lack of parking or simply worrying about how much you have had to drink, before you are over the legal limit to drive home. We believe that your evening of fun should start the moment you climb into the luxurious surroundings of our chauffeur driven vehicles. 

For those special occasions sparkling wine and chocolates can be arranged at an additional charge. Our service allows you to enjoy yourself without having to worry about Getting Home.

Whether you're a businessman visiting for a short duration, a company entertaining VIP guests, planning a special evening, ladies on a girl’s night out (and need a chaperone or someone to just watch out for you?) or anything in between, your anniversary, or for that special dinner, you can now sit back, relax and simply look forward to the hours of relaxation and fun ahead. Allow us to ensure that your event will be as enjoyable and pleasurable as possible. An evening that you will remember in the years to come.

For us No event is too small nor too late

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