Tourist Protection


One thing that has become highly evident nowadays is that it is really not safe to go anywhere nowadays. Areas where it was once safe to walk around are now becoming no go zones because of muggers and other brigands.
A lot of the more popular tourist destinations: places like Table Mountain and Signal Hill are becoming increasingly dangerous to visit. Forget about areas like Newlands Forest and the scenic walks around Hout Bay.

We are able to provide bodyguards or security guards as armed escorts who will accompany you on your tour in and around Cape Town. The great thing about having someone along is that they know the area very well. Also they are equipped with a medical kit and will be able to assist you in minor emergencies.

When you want to go shopping for jewellery or other high net worth gifts for those special ones, our security operators are there to ensure that you arrive back at your residence all safe and sound, and in possession of your goods.


Tour Group Security

We have vetted a few of the top tour guides in Cape Town whom we are confident to work with and to recommend them to you. The content of their presentations are tailored to your specific requirements.

We pay our Tour Guides well so we know that they have your best interests at heart. Our Tour Guides are not permitted to take kickbacks to take you to places "in their best interests". This also makes them highly flexible and all tours are customised to your requirements. Should you decide you want to spend additional time at one particular spot of interest, you can do so.

You are not pressured nor are you rushed to complete a tour. You can spend as much time admiring the scenic beauty of Cape Towns most spectacular and awe inspiring attractions.

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