Security Guards


VIP Protect is able to provide you with Security Guards to secure your personnel and premises.

Our security guards undergo extensive criminal and background checks to ensure that they have no previous criminal records nor any huge outstanding debts that we believe would put them into temptations way.

Besides all our security guards having registered with PSIRA (The Regulatory Board), they all undergo continuous training to maintain their fitness and mental awareness. They undergo regular assessments which they have to pass with an 80% proficiency otherwise they are not deemed good enough to be placed in charge of our clients personnel and property.

They also undergo martial arts training to ensure that they are of the caliber and fully prepared to protect you and your property.

Security Consultants

Vip Protect has a team of highly experienced bodyguards that are at your disposal to assist you as security consultants in planning the security lay out and installation of your new and current buildings, installations and estates.

To ensure that the best security measures are planned for before the building plans are approved.

We will look at the project from a security point of view and make recommendations to secure your installation /premises
from this perspective.

We also assist in advising on how to make your current place more secure.

An additional service we offer is: We will supervise the whole upgrade process for you.
It includes:
Making recommended course of action;
Sourcing suppliers and collating competitive quotations;
Presenting these options to you;
Supervising the installation and set-up

In todays world it is becoming increasingly more and more expensive to operate and control your own Corporate Security Division.
Even organisations like the United Nations (UN) have realised the exorbitant costs involved and the huge savings to be realised by outsourcing the security component to a highly proficient Private Security Organisations.

We can assist in Corporate Security all the way through to Installation security throughout Africa.
Our guys will work hand in hand with your Corporate Security Officer to develop and implement the necessary security policies and procedures necessary to secure your staff and premises.

Better still why not appoint our operators to your staff and they can work directly for you?




Venue Security
Our highly trained group of security guards and VIP Protection operatives are available to assist you in securing the venue at any of your events.
Our security will control everything from allowing or restricting access to the premises/event, ensuring that the vehicles are not tampered with, nor broken into. Right down to crowd control.

In the event that something should happen our guys are trained to discreetly deal with the situation thereby minimizing any disruption to your event, and ensuring minimal embarrassment..

Risk Analysis
Are your personnel travelling overseas?

Or are they relocating to Africa?

Let our highly proficient team of Security Experts sit down with your Chief Security Officer and assist him in doing a full risk analysis of the situation.
We are able to do a full security analysis and supply you with a full situation report with our recommendations.
We are also available to do your security advances for you. Saving you the additional time and expense of having to fly out to Southern Africa and to still hire staff to assist with the advance.

We will submit a fully detailed report with all the necessary information that you will require from security reports, local contacts, down to linear maps of the areas you plan to visit with all the closest services clearly indicated.

Rapid Response
A special service on offer to our clients:

One of the units in VIP Protect specialises in Rapid Response type situations. There comes a time when you do not have much advance warning of what is going to happen. We have a team of highly trained professionals (ex military special forces [Recces, Koevoet and 32 Battalion] and police SWAT team members) available to assist you in securing your property, from strike threats or to extract you from any potentially threatening situation by either using armoured vehicles or helicopters to extract you or your staff members, while our operatives secure the perimeter.