Security Drivers


Security driving is a lot more involved than just driving someone from point A to point B. If that is all that is required, you should rather get a chauffeur instead as it will be much cheaper.

Security Drivers are an important part of any Close Protection team, freeing up the Close Protection Officer to do his job in protecting you to the best of his ability. The Security Driver not only is able to drive the client from one place to another in absolute safety. But should a situation arise then they are also trained how to react quickly and to safely move the client out of immediate danger.

The difference between a chauffeur and a Security Driver is not always evident:
The Security Driver spends time with route planning. The routes are driven and the time, mileage, danger zones, and safe havens are recorded.
The nearest hospitals are noted along with how to drive there from any point in the route.
The direct line to the emergency rooms are also noted.
Alternate routes are selected for surveillance detection, to be unpredictable, and to get around any traffic delays. The Security Driver also is aware of his surroundings and is ready to take evasive action in the event of an accident or ambush. The Security Driver is also trained in defensive driving tactics.
The skills this person has ranges from being a trained medic to an expert in counter terrorism.

A close look at their profile reveals attributes, which most people never consider in their day-to-day life. Their training includes counter surveillance techniques, advanced driving skills way beyond the capabilities of the ordinary driver, and precise skills in a whole range of manoeuvres to ensure nobody gets close enough to you to cause you harm.

The principal will immediately pick up some of the differences. A chauffeur stops the car, puts the car in park, exits the vehicle, and opens the door for the principal. The Security Driver will drive up to the location, keep the car in gear, and does not exit the vehicle nor will he open any doors.

This is for the protection of the principal. If the situation deteriorates, the principal should know that he can jump back in the car and the security driver is prepared for a fast getaway.

Even if your risk assessment shows that there is absolutely no threat whatsoever, you can be assured that your security driver has had the finest training and has the best driving skills available, to ensure you are kept safe and secure in the busiest of traffic, and to arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to continue with your business at hand.


Why do i need a Security Driver

1.The Security Driver provides the safest, most dependable mode of ground transportation.
2.He puts every detail of a principals itinerary (as it pertains to vehicle travel) into written form and ensures that sufficient time is allocated for consultation and review.
3.To him Route analysis is among the highest concerns,
4.As is vehicle selection and maintenance.
5.He ensures that every trip is without incident.
6.He is in a state of 'constant readiness'. Whether it involves multiple itinerary changes, traffic and weather, a disabled vehicle, a criminal threat or a medical emergency, a Security Driver relies on experience, training and resources to successfully manage these and other events as they occur.