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Because you have worked hard to afford and luxuriate in a certain lifestyle, it doesn't mean that now that you are a success that you are not able to live the life that you want to.

Government and the local Police service can only do so much to ensure ones physical safety, but with limited budgets and staff shortages and low morale amongst our security services it is not enough to rely on our overburdened Government to do this. That is where VIP Protect's VIP Protection Services steps in to help in addressing this shortcoming.

We are here to make your world a safer place. For those customers who have received any threats in the last year, or you just don't feel safe while moving in and around our beautiful country, we have some of the most highly proficient VIP Protection specialists available to protect you and your property, while you are in South Africa, or at home for that matter.

VIP Protect consists of a highly professional and efficient team of bodyguards, who are dedicated to maintaining your welfare and well-being. Through utilizing our close knit family of highly qualified Close Protection Operatives, you get a team of professionals who will co-operate to ensure your safety, the safety and security of your family and your property. While minimizing the impact on your quality of life.

Our Personal Protection Specialists are available to you 24x7. We are here to ensure that you have peace of mind and that you will be able to sleep soundly at night, secure with the knowledge that the industries most professional close quarter protection specialists are protecting you, your family and your property.

By allowing our team of Bodyguards to take all the stress and worry for your personal security and well-being you are now in a position to focus on your task at hand, knowing that VIP Protect's team of highly qualified Protection Specialists are no more than an arms length away.

While we are based in, Cape Town, South Africa we provide Close Quarter Protection services to a rapidly expanding multi-national customer base. We provide physical and electronic security, utilising the most sophisticated and up to date equipment available, centralised monitoring of security systems, Perimeter Security, Security services for mass events, armed escorts of celebrities, artists, models & VIP's. We specialise in escorting business people into high risk areas.

For those clients and corporates that need to move highly sensitive documents and goods, that you wouldn't trust with a courier company, or anyone else for that matter. VIP Protect has a solution for you, that will ensure the safe transport of your corporate prototypes and secrets to their end destination.



Highly trained Executive Chauffeurs are available for those who do not want a security driver. They are available to drive you and your guests around Cape Town..

The Chauffeur not only is able to drive the client from one place to another in absolute safety. But should a situation arise then they are also trained to react quickly to safely move the client out of immediate danger.

Our Chauffeurs will collect you from Cape Town International Airport and drop you at your hotel.