Production Security


VIP Protect specialises in supplying top quality professional bodyguards to the feature film production and commercials industry to protect your Actors, Directors and Production staff.
Our operators can assist on commercials for a few days or they can be available for the duration of a feature. Shooting in Johannesburg, or Namibia or any of our neighbouring countries? We are there to assist with any of your requirements.

We are in the priveledged situation that most of our operators have worked with many of the more well known celebrities around the world, and not just in South Africa. We are in now in a position to offer you and your actors the most highly rated bodyguards and security drivers in the industry.

All our operators are registered with PSIRA and have undergone extensive unarmed combat and martial arts training, as well as advanced weapons training: To give you that added peace of mind that they will be able to handle most situations the arise on their own.

While we do not like our bodyguards to be the huge bouncer type, we can supply this level of operative as well. Most our operatives will easily fit into any environment. They are chosen on the premise that they must be as unobtrusive as possible, and not stick out like a sore thumb: We do not want to draw unnecessary attention to our clientelle than is absolutely necessary.

Furthermore, we can supply highly trained security guards to help to secure your set, the vehicles on the set and also your equipment. The caliber of guard will vary as to your budget and as to what you will require of them.

Rates are quoted on a job to job basis and according to what is required.



We realise that setting your feet down in a new Country (especially in Africa) can hold many unplanned surprises, and cause untold discomfort.

Our aim is to, as far as possible secure your stay in Countries like Namibia and Mozambique by providing you with expert VIP Protection Officers, Executive Chaperones/ Security Drivers, that have good knowledge of the local areas and customs.

We are able to provide vehicles with darkened windows to further secure the clients anonymity and to afford the client maximum levels of privacy and protection from paparazzi and prying eyes.