Asset Transfer &
Protection Services

For those clients and corporates that need to ensure that they maintain their corporate security, and who need to move highly sensitive assets like documents and goods, that you wouldn't trust with a courier company, or anyone else for that matter. VIP Protect has an asset protection solution for you, that will ensure the safe transportation of your corporate prototypes and secrets to their end destination.

Our highly trained and professional operatives are available to escort you and your assets from one destination in Cape Town to another place even if it is a conflict zone like Iraq or Sudan. No matter if it is precious jewels, jewellery, documents, trade prototypes or any other high value asset that you cannot afford to lose to your competitors, why not get our asset protection unit to take control of the safe transportation of your valuable assets.

Whether you are transporting Diamonds, Gold Bullion, Copper, jewellery, antiques, computer chips, vehicles or sensitive corporate documents they are all targeted by an ever expanding and sophisticated criminal element. We offer you a covert asset protection service for high-risk and high value goods during their transportation.We provide detailed risk assessments of your business location and possible security threats in the area. By identifying possible risks or threats to your business or investment you will be in a better position to reduce future security problems and the level of risk to your business and staff.




Transport Operators

Today organised crime is becoming ever more sophisticated and prevalent.

Hijacking trucks and its cargo's have become a very lucrative business, with very few of the perpetrators ever being brought to book.

Also it is very difficult to prove if it was an inside job, without intrusive lie detector tests etc. Also it is very easy to disable modern day GPS based tracker systems with over the counter electronics.

We offer a service where we will shadow selected vehicles on their runs to ensure that the cargo's are dropped off where they are supposed to be, and not in someones back yard.

Vehicle transfer and Escort Services:

An Additional service that we offer you is to transfer your vehicle for you to any destination in Southern Africa.

VIP Protect
has highly trained drivers available to transport your vehicle to any destination in Southern Africa and the SADC states at a very reasonable rate.

Should you not have time to bring your luxury vehicle to Cape Town for the much needed maintenance and repairs then let us come to you to collect your vehicle and deliver it to the dealership.

Once the repairs have been effected we will return the vehicle to you. Would you like to buy a brand new luxury car and dont know how to get it to your location?

Phone us and let us handle the logistics for you.

Should you or your client need a vehicle to be collected or dropped off call us to arrange the safe transfer of your vehicles for you.

Are you a foreign resident in South Africa with a vehicle that you have brought in from across our borders? And you need to get the vehicle back to be relicensed? Contact us and we will assign a transporter to the assignment on your behalf.